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3 Key benefits of CRM and ERP Integration

Most Businesses generally apply multiple systems to streamline business processes and boost productivity that runs as quickly as possible. Nowadays companies are realizing the need of ERP and CRM integration because organizations facing complex business environment than ever and they insisted to respond instantly whenever changes are made in order to keep their business strong in the long race. Consider integrating your business with ERP and CRM to automate and improve the business operations because ERP used to automate and manage back-office business activities such as invoices, receipts, reports, accounting and purchase while CRM is a front-office system simplifies customer interactions, sales, track customer information streamline business process.

A 360-degree view of your customer

360-degree view of your customer allows you to personalize the customer experience and respond quickly to inquiries and orders. one of the most important advantages of integrating ERP and CRM gives a full view of each customer from sales to support that add insights into your customer needs, account status, order history, etc., This gives you improved analytics and reporting so you can track changes in your customer details which help build better relationships to improve the growth for your organization.

Better access to critical information

With a fully integrated CRM and ERP solution gives employees the ability to access important information in real-time. When a customer calls you with a simple question about the status of an order or any other question you should not go into different places to access that information or inquire with other employees. Integrated ERP and CRM solution allow employees to access the information which they need exactly. With the use of a single button, they can retrieve customer financials, order history, inventory, returns, pricing, payments, etc.,

Streamline business processes

Without an integrated solution, many organization processes manual works which is time-consuming. However, integrating ERP and CRM software allows automating the business process which improves productivity, reduces duplication of data and automates workflow.