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What is meant by Mobile Customer Relationship Management?

Mobile Customer Relationship Management is designed to work and execute business data through mobile platforms.

Nowadays usage of mobile is rapidly growing and the number of mobile users is increased when compared to the desktop users. Mobile Technology speeds up the work process anywhere anytime and helps business people achieve their goal.

Previously salespeople need to boot up their laptop for any query while they are away from their offices and this is not feasible when they work on the field. So they require an automated process that tracks and stores their sales information.
Mobile CRM is mainly designed to help employees who are working in distant or field to access the required data and customer accounts through devices such as smartphones and tablets wherever they are.

It is used for business such as sales or marketing who often require remote access to their business, as it holds customer data on mobile devices where you can attend meetings using CRM data.
Mobile CRM has the same service, features and functionalities which is similar to desktop CRM.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management has new BI and analytics tools to enhance by providing easy access, reliable data that sales team can access in real time with unique CRM system. It can also provide higher communication between the employees in the field and those at the office can easily send messages, documents, files through social networking software like Zoho Connect, Salesforce Chatter, Microsoft Yammer, SuiteCRM connectors, SugarCRM connectors, VTiger chat, etc.,

Mobile CRM allows customers to determine where their data will be stored and ensure it is secure. It mainly concentrates on the security and privacy of the stored data, in case their device is stolen or lost and thus they can secure the data’s that are present in their Mobile.

Here are the benefits of Mobile CRM systems for large and small businesses.

  • Increase Sales
  • Data Collection
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Improve Productivity
  • Save Employee Time
  • Ease of Data Access
  • Improves data quality