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What are the various modules which can be included in CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is an application which helps companies to manage customer interactions that allow their customers to attain their company’s goal. CRM has different modules which are essential to run an organization to fulfill their business needs. Each and every CRM module is unique which plays a major role to improve business process.


Most Businesses needs a new business to grow in the best way to achieve their goal. Sales module plays an important role in growing business which keeps tracking of new leads and opportunities. Leads represent an organization or an individual can be a customer to the company who shows interest in the product offering, it gets converted to an Opportunity. The customer can manage all the products offered by the organization if the customer looking forward to a product then they quote certain plan which is sent to the customer. If quote gets accepted by the customer that turns into an order and then a billed order generates an invoice. The user can monitor the performance of each sales and create dashboards which provide better visibility of sale value. Sales module automates the work process which reduces manual tasks and easily manages your entire sales process, so you can focus on selling.


Marketing is a process helps your business to succeed in the best possible way. Every e-commerce company needs to market its products or services to get existing and new potential customers, this marketing module is very important for all businesses to create Campaigns, newsletters, marketing list etc., Marketing Lists which group all your Leads, Contacts, Accounts to interact them via sending newsletters, emails, event details and other meeting updates. It also allows you to create Campaign that helps you organize and manage marketing projects which provides insights on every sales and ROI for each campaign. Campaign keep tracking of all activities included in a campaign, such as emails, calls, etc., all the inquiries can be automatically replied and that can be followed by a formal reply by marketing personnel. This module helps you to identify and evaluate the success of marketing activities.


CRM support module is designed to manage and track the customer service of businesses such as supporting the incident-based and service-based support. Customer complaints or requests are tracked via cases, if a customer has any concerns about payments, billing, refunds, etc., they can directly make a call to the service people to get their problems resolved. After clearing the customer problems, the case should be closed finally.


CRM reporting modules has the ability to analyze your business data to get real-time insights. This helps users to create quick reports with charts, tables and graphs to easily analyze their data. These reports can be shared easily with your team and it helps you find your ups and downs to make decisions on achieving business goals.


Activity module plays a vital role in day to day business operations. Activity shows communication with the customer such as emails, phone calls, meetings, tasks, notes, etc. help you and your businesses understand all of the communication you have had with each customer. Activities should be used by every user who has many external relationships and communications that can be stored and found later.