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Zoho CRM

Connect Zoho CRM with ERP to get seamlessly maintain valuable customer data.


Zoho is one of the most well-known and broadly used CRM software in the world. This helps in automating tasks, enhance the workflows, create and capture opportunities, capture leads, etc. It gives the particulars of where the customer is in the sales cycle. It also has dynamic reports and dashboards to provide clear pictures.

Zoho CRM services we offer are:

  • Set up your Zoho application
  • Add users and manage privileges
  • Integration of your contact/lead form to Zoho CRM
  • Setup of pipeline in Zoho CRM for your customers
  • Setup Autoresponder, Drip marketing templates
  • Setup users and sales workflow and assign roles
  • Setup mailchimp newsletter system with Zoho.
  • Establish sync between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns
  • Provide support 24×7 over the next 365 days


Zoho Creator

Your business is unique and so are your requirements. You need a solution, a custom app, created just for those needs. You don’t need to be a talented app developer or find a techie to build your app.

Zoho Creator liberates you with the easiest app-builder to launch custom apps. You have drag-and-drop interface that allows you to build custom business applications in days rather than weeks. You can frame the apps, set up workflows and deploy them too. You can create an application with Forms, Reports and Pages which are the core components Zoho Creator.

Zoho Campaigns

Target your leads and expectations with engaging email campaigns. Sync contact lists and manage up-to-date mailing lists. The results of your campaigns are accessible in your CRM account so that you can take improved sales decisions.

We help you automate your complete marketing process – from handling subscriber lists for sending out email campaigns and also tracking their performance.

Zoho Mail

Experience a clean, fast Webmail with powerful features matching or better to those found in desktop email clients. Set up email for your business rapid with a step-by-step setup wizard. Take control of your Inbox and accomplish freedom from tireless software upgrades.

Zoho Books

Zoho book is cloud –based accounting software designed to assist small business to record, analyze and audit all financial transactions easily and persist on top of cash flow easily.

Zoho Books help centralize all important back-office duties, and systematize all types of transactions on the same platform. The features such as balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit and loss report helps achieve control over the company finances and save more in the future since it is very simple and easy to use.

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is mainly used for effective document management that includes spreadsheet, document and presentation all in one place.

It stores and manages all documents in the cloud and synchronizes them across all devices and can be accessible from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets connected within the internet. Zoho Docs provides easy and unlimited files and folder sharing with greater security.

Zoho docs can be integrated with other application such as Drop box, Google Apps, Zoho Mail.

Zoho Help Desk

Generating new customers is substantial for every business, but it is more important to look after existing customers and contributing a high level of Customer Support. Deliver your customers the world class support at the same time making the process fully hassle-free with Zoho desk

Customers receive the help and support in their native language by making use of the Zoho’s interactive support system. Complete information is retrieved for every support ticket raised by the customers by integrating Zoho Desk with Zoho CRM.

Our experts offer you complete customization to match the customer’s business policies and their support channel.